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Ram Fitness partnership with EZ Fresh Meals to bring you quality nutrition for your workout needs


At RAM Fitness, we have a unique partnership with EZ Fresh Meals to bring healthy and delicious meals right to your table. 

Ordering closes Friday at midnight for the following week.


Get it in before it’s too late.

Click on the button below to order your meals. You can order as many as you want with free shipping pick-ups on Tuesday evenings at Ram Fitness.


Chef's Table

Uh ohh! We made too much, with this option you will get 6, 10, or 15 meals from our overstock. These meals will be made fresh using all of our normal high-end ingredients! Join in helping us reduce waste while filling your belly and getting a great deal!

This will also feature some new options in the works! If you are ready for a creative adventure, this is for you!

Bulk Plan

Designed for anyone looking to pack on LEAN-MUSCLE. Our largest portions of Protein and Carbs are sure to help you exceed your goals!

700+ Calories Per Meal, 60-70g of Protein, 60-70g of Carbs, 20-25g Fat

Athlete's Plan

This plan is designed for anyone looking to eat healthy while maintaining or looking to pack on extra muscle. Perfect for high performing athletes offering extra Protein and Carbs!

500-600 Calories Per Meal, 40-50g of Protein, 40-50g of Carbs, 15-20g Fat

Lean Down Plan

Designed for portion control, this plan is guaranteed to help you with your fat loss goals eating the foods you enjoy at the same time!

400-500 Calories Per Meal, 25-35g of Protein, 25-35g of Carbs, 10-15g Fat

Standard, Keto Friendly, Sweet Treat and Custom meals also available, see their current menu for more information!

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